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Pro Shop Hours:


The Pro Shop opens one half-hour before first tee time.

The Pro Shop closes at dusk.


General  Rules:


  • All golfers must register with the Pro Shop prior to play.

  • Members are responsible for informing their Guest(s) of the Club Rules and Regulations, particularly with respect to the Dress Code and Pace of Play.

  • The Pro Shop has the right to fill in vacant spots in the tee sheet at any time.

  • All play must commence from the first hole unless approved by the Pro Shop.

  • Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. Golf sandals are permitted.

  • The Club is not responsible for:

  • any loss of, or damage to, property of members or other persons, whether by fire, theft or otherwise, occurring on Club’s property.

  • Any damage or injury (including death) that members or other persons may cause or incur while on the Club’s property, including the golf course; whether such loss, damage or injury occurs through the negligence of the Club, its employees or otherwise. This rule includes the operation of golf carts or other equipment, which may be rented by members and/or their guests.

  • Coverage for Public Liability, Property Damage and Loss while on the Club’s property or premises is the responsibility of members or other persons.


Golf Course Etiquette:


  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your starting time.

  • Play “Ready Golf” (being prepared to play your shot while others are playing).

  • Repair all ball marks and replace divots.

  • The R.C.G.A. Rules of Golf are there to help the player learn the basic, fundamental rules.


Playing Privileges:


  • Full Adult Members and Public may play any time.

  • Weekday Members may play any time from Monday to Friday (except Holidays).

  • Junior Members may play unaccompanied any time from Monday to Thursday (except Holidays), or anytime when accompanied by an adult.


Booking Privileges:


Members may reserve a starting time through the Pro Shop up to 10 Days in advance, and the Public may reserve a starting time through the Pro Shop up to 7 days in advance.


Cancellation Policy:


  • Regular Play: Players must contact the Pro Shop when canceling a scheduled tee time.

  • Member Events: When a scheduled tournament involves the preparation of food, entrants must cancel no later than 48 hours prior to the event to avoid being charged the entry fee of that tournament.

  • Corporate Events: Outside tournaments will only be cancelled if the golf course must be closed due to severely inclement weather. Such tournaments will proceed “rain or shine”.


Power Carts:


  • Power carts must not be driven closer than 25 feet of the perimeter of the greens or on to tees or side slopes of tees. Members must obey directional signs, markers or lines as to the route to be taken by carts. Where cart paths are installed next to greens and tees, carts must be driven and parked on the paths.

  • Carts may be prohibited or restricted when ground conditions are such that damage to the course may occur.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age with a full G License to rent or operate power carts.

  • A person using a cart is not entitled to any special privileges or priority on the course and must respect other people who are walking.

  • Members and Public shall be held responsible for the proper use of and/or damage to power carts.

  • Cart privileges will be withdrawn from any Member who abuses rules governing the use of power carts.

  • Only golf carts owned by the Club are authorized for use on the Club's property.

  • Carts must be in a half hour before sunset.



                 Severe Weather Warning:


Due to the frequency of lightning, the Club has implemented the following:


At the sound of a Horn, individuals on the course are to immediately seek shelter.

The “alI clear” signal will be transmitted through the same horn with 3 short sounds. Those wishing to resume play should only do so upon direct verbal communication from Pro Shop Staff.


Dress Code:


Traditional golf attire is required  on the golf course. Men are asked to wear collared shirts, or as an alternative, turtle-neck or mock turtle-neck tops are acceptable. Women may wear collarless golf shirts. Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. Golf sandals are permitted.



Pace of Play:


Slow play takes away from the enjoyment of the game. 18 holes should be completed by a four-some at Turtle Creek in no more than 4 and a half hours. It should be noted that this is a maximum, and it is clearly possible to play in a time shorter than this. It is the responsibility of all Members and their Guests to meet this standard. When there is an open hole ahead of your group, you must allow the group following to play through. When the group solely consists of Members, the group’s pace of play is the responsibility of the low handicap player in the group. When the group involves Members and Guests, it is the Member’s responsibility to keep the proper pace. At all times, a maximum of four players may play in a group.


Liquor Regulations:


  • Liquor may not be brought on to or taken off the premises under any circumstances.

  • Liquor will not be served to anyone under the age of 19.

  • Liquor will not be served before 9am.

  • Our staff has been instructed to withhold bar and/or cart service to persons who, in their judgment, appear intoxicated. This is done for the protection of both the Club and our Members, Guests, and Public Players.



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